About Timothy L. Smith

Within the quiet center of The Alexandrian Institute is Timothy Lewis Smith, an extraordinary man whose life has been devoted to the Alexandrian Institute and the multi-faceted teachings of the Master-Teacher TaPa. Timothy Smith is a deep trance medium who leaves his body, at will, so TaPa may offer dissertations on the earth plane to those who wish to partake of his illuminating message.

For over 4 decades, he has touched the lives of thousands of individuals, always communicating the Light of the spirit world into the hearts, minds and souls of all he meets. He honors, loves and respects the seeker’s need to discover truth in accordance to their own evolutionary timing, and therefore puts forth the teachings and his mediumship in the spirit of deep compassion and goodwill. With his vast knowledge, he remains a dutiful purveyor to the Wisdom of the Ages and as a medium, a messenger and a mentor, he stands as a profound example of a life lived in Divine service for the benefit of mankind.

Spiritual Support

“A saint is that window through which the light of God’s love can be seen.”

Divine Guidance

“That that we would aspire to is exactly that which we are strong enough to accomplish.”