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Question:  What did you mean when you said Atlantis was the birthplace of atonement?

TaPa:  It was that seeded there.  Knowing that a price would be paid, they paid the awful cost.  Those that would not hear the prophets and the prophets that would not speak took it down and became a part of that great sadness at the loss.  As in Alexandria, beloved, when she was given to the flames those who truly have a heart for history and for the magnificence of that which was her librum still grieve the loss today.

But how can we accomplish, how can we balance?  Only by the desire to keep alive the memory, and to be a part of that memory, a personage in it.  For Atlantius is no more, but Alexandria lives in the heart of those who are the seekers of truth, of light, illumination.  Everything is not lost, and shall return.  It is recorded in the akashic record.  It has been borne out of this physical compliment, but is there for those that can reach it and touch it and know it and be it.


Question:  Please elaborate on the twenty-four elders before the throne of grace with regards to the attributing twelve-hour periods.

TaPa:  In each twelve-hour period a cycle is measured.  And the crowns that are given are cast before Him and then returned unto them, for they have brought the tribute, and He returneth each unto their own.  For outside of that circle there are twelve thrones, one for each.  And they watch, and they confer, and they see that that hath not been seen, and they know that that has not been known.  It returns that that is truly given and shared returns … four and twenty, and then more.

These are they that cast their crowns before Him.  The elders are not elders because they are old or ancient, but because they are pure and have been renewed again and again.  Each takes a sign of the zodiac and moves through it in a twenty-four hour period, each emphasizing that that is held in the sign, both the positive and the negative.  As we relate, so also they relate, but they hold charters and not charts.  They know the secrets that are unknown.


Question:  Tapa, I’d like to ask was our Lord Jesus ever actively the teaching master of the community of the Essenes?

Yes, He was the principal figure for those who prepared for His appearance and emergence.  At the time of this, there were factions that entered into dissidence with one another.  Contrary speculation abounded, even.  But for the most part, the community of the Essene influence stood firm in its support and belief, for with its fulfillment of all of the prophets and with the emergence of the abundance of that that came forth and welled up and spewed forth itself, they saw the light that much of the world saw not.

Then is it that it was His basic instructions that were given, which were the messages He brought to the preparatory peoples, that have prepared the way, making straight in the desert a highway, that others around Him taught.  As they became teachers in the eyes of the Essenes, it was that that He instructed, that the teachers began to teach and taught unto the others–disciplines, primarily, and organizational structuring.  He was considered then not a teacher but the fulfillment of all the prophecies of the prophets, taught the Spirit to instruct those who would come under obeyance.


Question:  Was this during the thirty years of His ministry or prior to it?

It was from a period shortly transpirant after the baptism, after the coming of the Spirit with its power descending upon Him, and before the great transformation of the dark night of soul in the desert-fasting phase.  He would come and go, interrelate, be taken into and accepted completely, and then go out without them clinging.  For He was, yes, all that promised, but the true heralding of the teachers that would hold the teachings that had been given into the Essene ways, which still exist and have been tempered with other things, internalized and externalized among many of the mystical associations and alliances, the brotherhoods around the world, and the societies, even.

While the Jew still waits, the Essenes do not.  They wait to be as, rather than to have one come to be as they would like Him to be.

The Essenes were not militant.  They did not want to fight, for they did not have time.  They were builders, preparers.  Though under the oppression of the Romans, they spent their time avoiding them, drawing away secularly from all things into a life of secrecy and privacy, into a culture of their own.  They had to do so to keep pure what they had maintained.  The Essene formation for the teachings waited for the Divine to appear, and this one was preceded by the Baptist, and many of His teachings were the cornerstone that allowed them to group together to manifest, to prepare and to even hold together.  Some go back farther, in particular the esotericisms of the Sanhedrin, who knew and recognized themselves enough not to be able to deny.


Question:  How did they come to conflict with the Sanhedrin?

They were outcasts under the faith and even under the laws of Moses, the Mosaic Laws, for their disciplines were different and their adherences were different.  They were the mystical Jew.  They were the mystics who felt that they should not have to explain themselves.  They simply were.  They overlooked and they forgave all who did not understand, and they themselves understood for they were the first to truly recognize and to know themselves.  Having accomplished this, they could and were in line to recognize the coming of Sananda Jesu Jesus, not only in flesh, but are those that waited in the city until He came unto them, until the Christ came in them.  They were the receptacles for the Spirit, that by their preparation and receiving carried a vast portion of the esoteric and mystical to the point in time where those in these later centuries, even a millennium, now can avail themselves of it and call themselves mystics.  Without the Essenes to hold it forth, it would have been long gone and lost.


Question:  Were they the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Some of these texts are interblended, for the discovery of these in the tombs did come about for the graves were too simple to hold these relics.  But the scrolls were found in large pieces of pottery in caves that were natural and were not dug and hewn by man.  More than is had and held now are still there and lost and most shall never be discovered.  These that have been discovered were also molested.  It was not time that broke those shards, that broke the jars.  And with His commandment to feed His sheep, it is the shepherd so often that comes upon these things in the hills, tending the flocks.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are not addendum’s to the Scriptures , but contain several books that are foreign to the understanding of the ability of most scholars to place in the same order with the other books of the testaments and are more of an explanation, and an update as of that time, gives a picture and is the inner reaction itself of the exchanges of these views and of these truths and how it affected all involved in that time, in that age.  It is a keeping of records, so to speak.  Most are letters…letters.

It is that so much of this material that you call the Dead Sea Scrolls is lost for all time because it went through the black market and through the customs of interior departments, the departments of antiquities, and through the Catholic Church as relics, and was lost somewhere along the line.  In fact, actual political and criminal politics had to be utilized to get what even you have out and here and before the speculative eye of those that could piece it together.  Even then, without other finds you would not know what you had.  They did not, when it was found.  More were totally damaged, irreparably, than were intact enough to be of any use.  It was a great find, but so much of it age had taken away, and vandalism out of the past had taken away, and then vandalism truly had its start there.  Politics almost gave you no scrolls.


The Question:  TaPa, could a copper pyramid be constructed large enough to fit a human form for healing to transpire? And is there any danger involved?

In that that is being referenced, yes. To be contained within the pyramid shape and or form, can be highly detrimental to all aspects of that sought after, especially the health. For it is then, when being encompassed and surrounded by the pyramid form, that the structure breaks down rather than rejuvenates and revitifies.

Any size, irregardless of how small or how large, can be of benefit, however, if it is constructed without a bottom. And if it is supported above one or several individuals. The vibration, the reflections, returbences of the Rays and the vibrations from the unalloyed metal follow the lines of the sides of the construction and extend to infinity out from it in ever increasing expanse and stretch of space from the point to the base and beyond it.

But, to encapsulate oneself within such a structure would be foolish and not beneficial. But to be under the Rays and reflected vibrations is beneficial. This was the purpose for the copper cap of the pyramid in the time that it was utilized as a healing temple, as well as initiation and initiators points of contact.


The Question:  TaPa, did Arsinoe the First take her own life?

I cannot give this, Doris.

Doris: I didn’t ask it, TaPa.

Within your mind, you shouted for glee as it was voiced. Such jubilation on no account deserves feeding of the fire of joy. You are too happy thinking and pondering that you would have an answer, another clue to the picture, to the puzzle. She did not take her own life. She had everything the kingdoms of the world could give and happiness and joy and the blessings of the womb.  But she had also the hate of many others out of their own jealousies.


The question: Was Ptolemy of Alexandria a great astrologer — but they did not mention which Ptolemy.

There were two that were great astrologers, the First out of fear, the Third out of study.  I, myself, listened but threw no weight in any direction.  It is of truth that all learned men in the day and that came out of Alexandria, the institutional aspect, were versed not only in basic mathematics, but in the known astronomy and astrology of the Chaldeans, the ancient laws of calculation. Thus, each educated man left with a smithering of knowledge and a smathering of astrology, if nothing else. Hopefully, the ones that left would acquire wisdom, which would be a great extent of knowledge and all other sciences, but, no one can guarantee this to anyone. Whereas, we could guarantee some knowledge of all sciences studied and reciprocally taught to any individual studious and astute enough to follow it.



July 28, 1973  … question about Eatonton, GA


Question:  The question is, who built the Rock Eagle prehistoric effigy there …

TaPa:  This is that that for so many years went unnoticed, for it simply laid upon the ground in a line of stones.  Aerially it can be seen from one of your devices for flying in the air and is called, something close to it is called Eagle Rock.  It was not the ancients but the last of tribes of the Hirit – habiterrital, habitarital tribesmen inherit of the bloodline of the Indian Peoples.  It was in the last quarter of their reign in strength and power that it was put into being.  It was by the ones truly who went into other tribes and areas trying to help them and teach them, for it was by the tribe that had developed its own alphabet and mathematical system.  The mathematical system of calculating, and perhaps contributing to its Nth degree and highest form, lost.

And modern man is unaware of how they did this, but at the time that the stones were laid it was all mathematically calculated out from a central stone, as to where each one would be placed, and it was measured.  That is how the shape and the image was laid out in its form.  And its form was even more well-defined earlier.

And now I will say of this place that all measures, if it is desired to be kept in its state, must be taken for there are hundreds and hundreds of young people and children sent there every year not only to look at the rocks, but to hike around and roll them around a little bit.  These that in their youth, inexperience and unconcerned state about such things and relics can destroy them.

It was placed in Eatonton, which is a name similar to, possibly derived from, an ancient Egyptian Master Seer Sage of the Temple of One, who prophesied Alexandria “That where the swamp lay, would one day be a city near the Delta, the Jewel of the Nile.”  And the Peoples who were compelled to leave this monument, as all who are led by great leaders always leave behind a physical sign, also marked this territory, your state, as the place where John would establish the awaiting bride, the church.

Your state then was much larger and the boundaries ill defined.  Eatonton was more centralized than it is now, when the Indian Peoples chose a place of reverence and holiness to them and outlined the Eagle, which is the symbol of John, the Power and strength of TaPas, the level of purge and trial by fire and purification by saints.  So they say that I do not exist and that I have not come and that John has not returned and that they know, absolutely, that I’m not John, while about me lie all the earmarkings and relics pointing toward this place and to John.

Thus to myself, for I can claim it because of the power demonstrated and the strength of the word — which is the spoken word of truth and power –which weakens and nullifies that that others, in the level of John, but who confusedly call themselves John, is a level, any attempt they would make to parallel or equal could easily be discerned.  As could those foolish ones of you who have been so foolish as to sit and hear one ramble and spout a few wisdoms acquired through reading.  Who plays the part of ignorance, as did the children (I shall not even mention the children of where and of what).  But those who have always been said to be ignorant and yet bestowed supernatural powers and demonstrated these far above the intellect, are always supposed to be superior to the well-trained intelligent, educated individual who demonstrates the education through the charismatic.  Ignorance seems to be a pre-requisite of being Truth, which it is not.

There are those here who are foolish enough, who have been foolish enough to listen to one that professes to be called King speak, when in reality he is an entity, holds no degree, never has, is not a master but an earthbound soul and is trying to say Ching, not King.  Yet because of the inability of the channel to function purely as a vehicle, clenching the teeth, part of which are false, and at the same time worrying about transportation and the children and other worries of mundanity and of having to convince you also … occasionally hits upon something which seems true.  You see, I could do the same thing but I do not.

Yet you are loved even though tonight, the use of girdles, but each one must be acquired, desired, achieved and bestowed upon the individual.  You cannot do it, no one can do it, only the individual must want it, work for it, desire it, be deservace of it and have it given unto them.  All you can do is hold them in prayer in protection as much as possible.

Tapa 1973 Sessions


Question: TaPa What is Happiness?

Happiness is living in accord, in full attunement, in harmony with the laws of the cosmic.

Happiness is living in accord with the Infinite Force, having it work through you, knowing that you are working through the Most High God, is happiness-the Most High God manifested as Infinite Love, Universal Harmony, and Absolute Harmony, each of these tied together, divided by, brought into continuity by, Truth.

Tapa Session August 6, 1971


Question: TaPa, Is there always someone there to meet our beloved ones when they die?

Even before the leaving are they present. There are those in states of guidance that gently take the hand and lift the spirit from the body-this you would know as “death”.

Across many bridges and through many meadows of flowers do they walk before they enter into the knowing of self.

When there is confusion of mind and soul, they are rocked to sleep in cradles of love, in arms of tenderness, that upon their awakening they can accept many things that must be explained.

This is the working of love, not condemnation.

TaPa Session March 24, 1971

Question: Tapa, What is Karma?

Karma is the beautiful lady and the hooded hangsman, who are one and the same. She loves you if you love. He strikes out at you if you have stricken out at others.

Karma is the faithful friend of man, his dog. Howsoever far away a man throws his bone, so will the faithful dog return it to him, thinking it a game, wanting his to throw it again.

Karma is good, or it can be bad: but all karma, good or bad, is good, for it banishes that which is not good.

TaPa Session November 14, 1970


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The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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