Cataclysmic Changes

It is that the cataclysmic changes forthcome with more rapidity also, for negativity runs and/or is being allowed to flow free and rampant in many places and/or portions. It is not the negativity that was injurious truly unto the other planetary origins of existence and accentuation, but rather the negativity that shall bring forth artificially the cataclysmic changes that are occurrent even in this moment and have been for sometime. But it shall focus these, for the opening of the earth shall be by artificial means. Along with upon the other side of the globing and near and nigh unto another point, the natural orifice shall open forth trumpeting and/or heralding the forthcoming. It is already that preparation is being made for this. For the Earth itself, though it loves you and has mothered you, caressed you and has allowed you to lean upon its bosom walking in flesh many times is repulsed, is repulsed because the time elements have come wherein she is to be relieved of her motherly duties.
And thus she enters into great age, into great sickness. She is in the last of her labor pains and shall roll and toss upon her bed of agony and she shall vomit forth from the orifices of her body that that shall herald forth the changes of the earth. But in this negativity that now lies and is being accentuated, it is to be and is coming forth in time–if not within a shortness of time and I mean immediacy of very short time elements–it shall transpire within the culminated grouping of several of your months that they shall again take advantage of situations in molecular fission and in that of divisional activities of atomic reactionary processes in a division of atoms. They know not the intensity of division and they know not that one division calls for another and this enters forth into activities beyond cognizant nor realizant faculties, for it infers also the divisional of molecule activity situations in unit group forms beyond that that they can see and that that they have split, but goes infinitesimally unto the smallest of the neutronic existent polarity centers within the atomic structures themselves.
And it shall be with the artificial means of dividing these in the blast at the polar regions that shall start the depolarization of your planing, your planet. And in this, by the turning of in necessity along the track that your globe follows through the atmospheric conditions of the caustic, universal, and cosmic play and/or board upon which these play in positions, that there shall be changes, great changes. And watch forth as this transpires within only a few years that great waves of tidal intensity shall crush against many places and it shall be that the earth will break open in great sores and reveal her inner confines unto those that can see and have forth the ability to look unto the crevasses.

Edited TaPa Session October 27, 1971