City and Candlestick

It is that a city is built upon a hill and when it is so built it cannot be hidden from view. And man hides not his candle under a bushel but lifts it high and places it upon a candlestick [Mat 5: 15] that all might see in that household. These are the references and symbolically and scripturally given to show man his directional conquest in and towards spirituality. What is the conquest? What is the battle? What is the war? That man in his unaware state of development and evolvement that must struggle to evolve, if at all upon the superficial elements of subconscious-ism or within the soul only that is not allowed to manifest. These are the contrast.

These are the elements of such a man, of such a pathway; disharmony, inability to cooperate with those about, with forces about, inability to attune to the harmony of the cosmic and universal play, unable to know, understand and realize and comprehend and then again return to realize in a different connotation, his mission, his purpose and his true reason for incarceration in this life. A man that has been blessed then by the rewards of seeking finds himself upon a differing pathway as I have described afore one of Light; for lo, shall I be a Light unto the feet.  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence