Did Edgar Cayce Predict TaPa and Tim’s Work?

Many have gone through two volumes called Book I and Book II [A Search for God by Edgar Cayce] that are bound in red. There are many that have gone over the subjects of “know thyself” “love”‘ “cooperation”‘ “fellowship”‘ “the cross and the crown”‘ “the open door”. And what out of it was received? Verily I tell you this, the man that brought it unto the world through his ability prophesied the coming in this age and in this time of that through which I now speak. Not only giving this in symbology, for it was given in a dream state. If you will look and if you will search in the last consecutive several years of his life when he taught and lectured not in a reading sense of the Akashic record but simply in an explanation and in a curiosity, item commented and mentioned, you shall find that he saw somehow a small child that became great. Beside a railroad trestle, he that was in control of that vessel of locomotion, mentioned that he would have to stop, for the one that would bring them and teach them and lead them and introduce them to John, called the beloved, that they sought to find, here speaks, would have to form this vessel, and his name, even the name did he give. What you have seen here, as of this moment is but nothing as to what you shall see before you leave. But even that that you have absorbed already, there is not another source that can offer it to you. You shall soon learn this if you seek it, not to trust but to go out to life.  1972 Vol 2 New Age of Revelation