O Love, that shall never let me go,

I rest my weary soul in Thee.

And give Thee back the love that I owe,

That in the ocean’s depth it flow,

May richer, fuller be.

Remember that you have never been promised

Silver or gold,

Riches or fame,

or valuables untold.

You have never been told that you would

Live a life without care,

But you have been told that always,

There will be someone near and there.

Love is the reason…it makes one happy.

Love is the reason…it brings one to glee.

Love is the reason… love is why you and I are free.

For if you love, I tell you this:

If though you be incarcerated in a prison; can your soul fly free.

If you list and answer to the call that says,

Lovest thou me?

Lovest thou me more than these?

Lovest thou me, my children?

Lovest thou me, more than silver and gold,

More than the wealth that this world can hold?

How can you wait while you list to the plea

That comes sounding, wafting o’er the way,

Lovest thou me more than these?

For gold is as a steam turning into a river.

It can drown one and kill one,

and wash them away forever.

And silver man has made and to himself

it can never truly be vital,

yet unto him, has become, his graven image and his idol.

                             TAPA     04-05-1975