Lovest Thou Me?

And I leave you with these soft delicate words, my beloved ones. Lovest thou me in the mission and the Most High more than the pleasures of the world in the state that it is in? Lovest thou me and that that I have given unto you to guide you forth in body? Lovest you He and myself more than the pleasures that will fade in time and you never can win? Lovest thou enough that thou, my children, for to allow the world to make you a slave? Then you are a slave that soon finds that he cannot even reason. And the things of earth, the world, and materiality can offer can last and abide with you only for a short, short season. Lovest thou enough to pick up a cross? Lovest thou enough to pick one up knowing that I carry one also much larger than any that you can pick up in the position that I hold in the Hierarch’s movement? Can you take it up and follow your inner guidance and the still small voice that called and knocketh at the door [Rev 3 :20] to those that are ready to seek, to see, know and be?  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

Lovest thou enough for this? If not re-evaluate yourself and find out for your own knowledge, your own faith what level you do love upon, what league you are really in that you might not overstep your limitations. And as is colloquialism in your language (and start playing rough with the bigger boys) which is symbolic of any who picks up their cross, their mission and carries it through, carries it through in reality, purpose and principle, and carries it through symbolically the street from the first step taken in this direction to the end in attainment of the greatest goal that can be had. Loveth thou enough to know your own pathway? 1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence