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Trance Medium for the Modern Age

What is a Deep Trance Medium?

Deep trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator, with the spirit communicator speaking directly through the consciousness of the medium.  While in trance, there are physical changes with the medium as well as differences in voice pattern, inflection and general manner of speech.

Timothy Smith has described being a deep trance medium as a person who is born acutely sensitive to more than one world or more than one dimension, who has an awareness of not only this physical world but of a spiritual world, a dimension of etheric or astral beings, and has the ability to relay information from these other worlds to people in the physical world.

Who are the Hierarchy?

There are many legions and ranks of the Hierarchy.  We will speak of the Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, that govern the earth. Through the Divine Hand of the Omnipotent, the Hierarchy has been given the power and the authority to direct rays that will benefit the earth, to govern missions and orders that will aid the earth, and also to work with individuals seeking a high order of discipleship until they end the incarnation cycle of earth plane.

Why is this Master called Tapa?

It means “tried by the fire of the Holy Spirit”.

Tapa Quote “Tapa is simply a stigma acquired by all those that reach a certain level. And I am He that has come forth unto the world but afore, and firstly came forth unto the frameworks of the hierarchy, and by their confidence achieved and reached, as the Kabbala will tell and speak of it, “tapas…tapas”.

Why is Jesus referred to a Sananda Jesu Jesus?

Each name represents his soul progression.

As Sananda, his Soul Name, as you know and knew him to be Jesus of Nazareth, the son of the carpenter, as Jesu, the Christos, who finally bore a glorified body.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

They are Lightbearers who have achieved mastery over the earth planning and do not have to return in flesh again except by choice. Often they forfeit their life for as soon as the movement or the teaching is accomplished, the earth walk is ended. They have triumphed spiritually so they cannot incur karma when they return to fulfill a mission. Nor does an individual soul-personality incur karma for taking their life. Examples of the Masters: Sananda Jesu Jesus who taught Love, Gautama Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna , El Morya, Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara, and many other avatars.

What are Chakras?

The Chakras also known as centres govern the endocrine system or ductless glands which, in its turn, controls the seven major areas of the physical body and is responsible for the correct functioning of the entire organism, producing both physiological and psychological effects.

Each centre of force provides the power and the life of the corresponding gland.

  • Head centre………………………………Pineal gland
  • Centre between eyebrows ……….Pituitary gland
  • Throat centre …………………………..Thyroid gland
  • Heart centre……………………………..Thymus gland
  • Solar plexus centre……………………Pancreas
  • Sacral centre…………………………….The gonads
  • Centre at base of spine…………….Adrenal glands

What are Rays?

The Rays are seven streams of light which rule the twelve constellations as they pour their forces into and through all the kingdoms in nature. The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system. Each ray is a manifest embodiment of a great cosmic Entity. These seven energies are embodied in the seven sacred planets and are represented on our Earth by the seven Spirits before the throne of God.

What is Kundalini Energy?

The Kundalini is the union of three fires, which are focused by an act of the enlightened will, under the impulse of love, in the basic centre. This unified fire is then raised by the united authority of the soul and personality. The human being who can do this in full consciousness is therefore far advanced. He can safely raise this triple fire from the base of the spine to the head centre.

The ignorant aspirant thinks the Kundalini fire is something which must be raised, and when it is raised all the centres will then come into functioning activity and channels up and down the spine will be cleared of all obstruction. This is a very dangerous generalization and a reversal of the facts. The Kundalini fire will be raised and carried up into heaven when all the centres are awakened and the channels up the spine are unimpeded.

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