On Liberty and Freedom and Independence Day



July 2, 2011 

TaPa teaches on the concept of the independence of a nation; difference between liberty and freedom; liberty of the mind, of the soul; the torch that is the symbol of that light; the mysterious speaker at the signing of the Declaration of Independence; accomplishment by grace; liberation of the body, of the mind, of the soul is the inclination toward the Spirit. 

I am come and have taken upon self once again the task of reincarceration that I might be momentarily near you.  And as we begin to merge thought into concept, as we begin to realize proportionately responsibilities once only assumed and thought of in such a way and/or manner as to hold secret their own importancies, we begin to step out of that darkened area, the shadow, that which is then the opening into the illumined way.  When the consciousness is lifted it is purified and rarified by the descending light.  It accomplishes the brilliance of its tone through the qualities instilled both within the ray awareness and also within the very pattern that is set, determined not by man, but by that which is higher.

The Father’s way becomes the will with which we do battle, and yet it supercedeth all other things.  For the Plan, though it might be that we understand it as contrite, holds that power and authority of a just but also a very jealous personality.  He that possesseth the knowledge then is open toward that wisdom that giveth sight in the darkness of night and shows us in the brilliance of day that there is a golden door and that there do we lift our light to celebrate the forthcoming of that which you consider the independence of a nation.

But, beloved, understand that there are forces at work now to be a detriment and to destroy part of the qualities, part of the essence of that which was set into motion long ago.  There are forces, beloved, that shall with resilience last and determine the final outcome, for we are the new Atlantis.  America is the new Atlantis rising out of the sea and coming in its form to excellence.  And then in that moment that we turn ourselves away from God we begin the decline toward that which will be chaos and express itself in multiple terms that are most unpleasant to the observer.

The Hierarchical influence is direct.  It is not new, but has always been a contributing factor to the forming of nations.  It sets into action deliberately those that can attune by hearing to the Word which has been pre-established and contains in it the profound wisdom that shall never become perverse.  It establishes then the great emptying of self-expression into the formal raising up of all good.  And yet each time a civilization, a nation such as Atlantis turns itself in the direction that is one of opposition to that divine will of the divine architect it begins to stumble and then to crumble.

Let us go back.  Let us remember.  Let us draw to ourselves in perfect excellence the very attributes of those who set into alignment that which and out of which would form the very declarations themselves, proverbially speaking and moreso, contained in the heart of man, contained within the mind of man, but coerced, so to speak, into present reality by divine intervention.

In the summer of 1775 there was a gathering of individuals who acknowledged a supreme power and formed an alliance with one another, if not complete and full, that would last that year.  And in the forthcoming of this was presented a work, a written work called, Our Flag.  But moreso it was determined that not only a banner was necessary, but that a complete and very formal break would eventually have to be made between the powers that assumed in colonization the authority to dictate unto those that were seeking to live free.

Now, there is a difference between freedom and liberty.  You have to consider the two.  They are not in opposition, but one is a physical representation and the other is a spiritual consciousness.  In a state of liberty then arose that cry, and it found itself engaged one with the other.  In that first summer there was a man who came and met with those that gathered in conclave, one with the other … all of one accord, but indecisive as to the very actions even insofar as the emblems and the symbols to be utilized that would carry the message and perpetuate that divine Presence in the life, equating it to the whole and making this nation rise to its zenith.

Laying aside the years that it would take to form and the struggles and the strife thereof, great words were given, true wisdom was sought.  But in the age that you know, beloved, no longer are the wise ones called before us in robes of white.  No longer are the philosophers sought in robes of white.  No longer does mastery have the same equation as being Master to those that cannot of their own come to this table of accord and cannot in their thinking make decisions with which they shall follow through.

This man was called, The Professor, and he was in possession of manuscripts already ancient at that time – hoary old, so to speak – that laid out the very properties with which we are indelibly benefiting from.  These individuals had a knowledge of not only Freemasonry but also of the Rosicrucian influence, and saw thereby that it would be decisively set that they would follow as they were led, not only in their belief, but in that greater belief that America was set and formed to be free.

The Professor, as he is alluded to, brought forth his wisdom far beyond the wisdom of the others, and spoke in many languages and understood these languages well.  He had traveled and been a part of all the European societies called secret, and yet their secret was being offered as an answer to man’s desire to be free.  Thus liberty of the mind, of the soul as the end result would come to pass.

The torch is the symbol of that light, but moreso of the consciousness.  The seeker in action then gives the light unto the Path, shares a light, that it might shine all about, and that those without the light might thereby follow.  For many are sheep, but few are shepherds.  And who, even among us, can dare to walk out on faith into that which is the everlasting without the concrete knowledge and that that is afforded by divine wisdom.

And thus the professor passes into history, for he served that purpose.  He was a Master.  But he had not the voice that would seal the occurrence and bring it to issue, to the forefront in the moment that it was desired.  Nor did the founding fathers and those that would write for you, “We, the people …” or give persuasive and intelligent construction to the form.

There was a writing that was a pattern for all in which this nation engaged, a collection of these things called the Constitution of Freemasonry that predates the constitution of the United States, that predates – for no one knows its origin, but its power cannot be denied – an assemblage of individuals with that knowledge took note and followed shortwith.

On July 4th, 1776, behind closed and locked doors came the assembly of those that would give thought in prayerful consequence in the consciousness to be lifted and in the end to prevail, and in their bitter inquiries argued over parts and/or portions.  Everyone feared their own mortal death at just participation thereto and with, and yet in the midst of that movement came a man.  He is not known by name.  He was unrecognized.  And he stood to his feet and in a great oratory spoke of freedom, spoke of liberty, spoke of truth, spoke of the desire of the downtrodden and those that would lead to the eventual establishment of that light upon the hill.  He gave of himself in such a way that all acknowledged the power of the Presence, but they noticed he was extremely pale.  He was very pale.  And even in the rage of his oratory, the paleness remained.  He spoke of the potential for that that would come about and come into being and that that would be the error were it not to, and found no flaw within that that had been set down, and sought no more argument.  He was persuasive, and his eyes were as hot coals.

And when he had finished it was as if some holiness of purpose was established.  And he was exhausted and fell back into his chair.  Everyone, including Benjamin Franklin, Washington himself, Jefferson and others – all as were it in one accord – moved forth quickly to place their signature on the document.  And there was a great commotion in that room, a great commotion.  Men that were not sure suddenly became sure, men who did not know suddenly had that knowing; men who feared suddenly became resilient to fear and waxed with the zeal of dedication that was necessary.  And when they turned to look again upon this man he was gone, never to be seen again.

But this has happened in the forming of every nation.  One is sent to bring it together in the moment its true fruition is brought about by the unyielding desire of one that can speak in such a way as to move the very soul and thereby the mind, and thereby the body into action.  History may not record the name of this one.  No one is alive that remembers, but I will tell you … it was I.  So mote it be.  There had to be that break if there would form out of it anything of persuasive consequence.

Each time we come to this point to celebrate the forming of that union of thirteen states we must realize that it is just the beginning of that which would sweep the middle of the continent itself, a continent that would come to light in illumination according to the dictates of the divine architect, and without fear that we would see it through and be able then to work with it even unto the end.  Many freedoms are lost and swept aside as inconsequential, and yet there is always that liberty.  But we are not at liberty to assume that these freedoms are for some and not for all.

Liberation of the body, of the mind, of the soul is the inclination toward the Spirit.  And the greatest power that has ever been shown, beloved, is shown of spiritual source.  It brings up that which is cast down.  It makes strong that which was weak.  It makes large that which is small, for little is much.  Even as we begin anew know, beloved, that each is called upon, and in congress with one another these things can be accomplished, not for favor and not only by our struggle, work and/or labor, but by grace.  In the harrowing of the field much is lost that it is preserved for another day, another season, and brings forth another harvest.  Oh, careless soul, heed the warning lest it be too late.  For the Son sets free, and he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Perhaps we have individual and collective missions.  Perhaps we have individual and collective ministries.  But shall we not wear the white robe of redemption again?  Shall we be known then for our foolishness, or our wisdom?  Sage knowledge is different than the knowledge that can be accumulated shortly and  quickly.  It cometh in time and is that wisdom that has been imparted.

When the white robed ones stepped aside they left behind palaces of marvel and colonnades of columns, but did not have the wisdom or the know how to protect these edifices, and allowed them to fall into ruin.  Hence the Acropolis.  Time did not destroy.  Man destroyed.

Without questioning there is no equality in the mortal and the divine until one becomes immortal.  They have had held back that divinity that would enable them to have in consciousness a direct and full positive effect, remembering, beloved, but it is in a natural order – man below and God overhead.  It is the gifts He has given, the power, the authority, the strength that enables man to continue.  Without it we would fall empty into dust from whence we were drawn and created.

Oh, blessed thought!  Sweet rest will come one glad day after ‘while.  Then comes that glad day after ‘while.  No greater sharing has pulled so deeply at my emotive self.  Even as I come into form to be near you, I would that you come unto me, for the pains of life are burdens, yet we accept these as a part of the process, knowing that if we have stood for the right, if we can continue to lift our light, to keep our lamps trimmed and burning, our wedding garments on, in righteousness we shall be there when the time is readied, and we shall hear the call that comes to us and recognize the voice.

There have been those over many years who have said of me, both in testimony and conversationally, “I never heard a man speak as this man.”  But the reason is that we are in a conclave, a very basic, very small, limited conclave.  And then with a stronger constitution we can share openly of the benefits of that freedom, and above this of our sharing in the liberty which is ours.  Remembering the symbols teaches and re-teaches and reproves again and again.  The double eagle is a Masonic symbol.  We have not grown up or grown away from or become fearful of the very things upon which this nation was formed and builded.  We just have little knowledge of it.  And our purposes are no longer the same as where theirs.  Our thoughts, ideals, aspirations must hold true to very fundamentals to which we ascribe but know so little about.  The warring nature of man is more concerned with the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air.  Oh, but there was a beauty there that day.  For glory came down.  It was a glorious jubilee.

When all rushed forward to put their signature there, to perform the work that they were intended to set into action the principles conceived, not for one, but for many, it was a holy occasion.  Be not a part or an agent of cause or of surrender in allowing Atlantis to be taken once again.  Tell someone how important this is to you.  Tell it.

As was the tradition long ago to get one to tell this kind of thing to others, you advise them to tell no man, tell no one.  But I’m advising you, beloved, don’t hold secret that priceless treasure that you have come before, for many have sacrificed their all, and the very fabric of their consciousness has paid the price, swept away, never to be again as it was.

Those that stand supportively with me come forth.  Where we stand matters but little, but how we stand together matters greatly.  The sins and errors of the past are buried in the depths of the sea of God’s forgetfulness.  But we remember the times of trial and of tribulation, but must compare these to others in the light of the fact that tribulation cometh upon the just and the righteous.  Then we shall look upon His Face; then we shall see Him face to Face; then shall we know even as we are known.  Then we shall change and be changed in a moment like unto Him.

Go forth in peace, in light and in love, beloved.  Oh, my little children, search the heart again.  Search the Book again.  Go forth, beloved.  Make sure that the anchor holds and grips the solid rock, for He is wondrous, kind and true and the rock of your salvation.  Yes, there’s honey in the rock for you.