TaPa Questions-1972 Vol 2 Session

What  is meant by the conquest, the battle and the war? 1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

That man in his unaware state of development and evolvement that must struggle to evolve, if at all upon the superficial elements of subconscious-ism or within the soul only that is not allowed to manifest. These are the contrast. These are the elements of such a man, of such a pathway; disharmony, inability to cooperate with those about, with forces about, inability to attune to the harmony of the cosmic and universal play, unable to know, understand and realize and comprehend and then again return to realize in a different connotation, his mission, his purpose and his true reason for incarceration in this life. A man that has been blessed then by the rewards of seeking finds himself upon a differing pathway as I have described afore one of Light; for lo, shall I be a Light unto the feet. 1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

What is the path of an initiate?

There is first the pathway of the initiate which is the highest pathway. Branches upon this pathway are those of discipleship and disciplic entrances into advantageous movement of mission, of call and of order that govern, mold and reestablish upon the earth the staff of righteousness articulately shown in word, in action, and in thought. 1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

What is the path of a seeker?

Another categorization of pathways which is those that are seekers but will not give up their will which is the little will of man that even man is incapable of utilizing to its fullest capacity, let alone mastering it.  They refuse to give up this ill-thwartedly given gift of man’s will and call it free will and blow it out of proportion that it does not exist in unto a protective covering for them and refuse to allow that will to be overshadowed by the Will of the Divine, the Most High God, the Power intrinsic, Supernal, Ever-Existent, Ever­ Cognizant, Omnipotent.  Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

What is the path of stagnation?

Degree of level of pathway elementation is that of the pathway of stagnation. Upon this pathway man unaware in each and every level of consciousness–physical, mental, and spiritual-­ takes only a few steps in each lifetime that is lived, primarily tarrying in one place, standing still, dormant, stagnating upon his pathway 1972 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


What is the seven paths given by Buddha?

It is within their theorem of accomplishment that the seven paths given by an adept, Buddha, are representative of seven planes or level consciousness existent phases, the first being the lowest, the seventh the highest that can be obtained. Is this not of truth? But each pathway is representative of one of these principles. For lo, I tell you this that is but elementary for it is the seven pathways that exist in the first categorization of man in his state of nil movement or stagnation running up seven levels to man’s becoming a partial seeker.  1972 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

Describe the left and right pathway?

To the left is the pathway of loneliness leading into shadow eventually into shadings, eventually into darkness. The right is the way of man, if he chooses it, to try to evolve above materiality, corruptness, rubble, mundanity, mediocrity that the world holds so fascinating in disguised elements to entrap the unaware. Be it the unaware upon the first level of pathway or upon the highest, for all of these pathways are representative of the levels that can be accomplished upon the globing earth within your world. .  1972 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


Cause and effect?

Cause and effect is your physical presentation of law and of order. Yours that that you have created as man, as science, as technology, as even scientolisticly attempted technological maneuverances, and you call it physics. Cause and effect is the general primary, most primeval, most mandatory of accepted facts. This is also true to an extent upon a higher level, upon a higher representation of broader scope in the mission of you, my beloved children, I and those of disciplic nature that shall begin the growth that shall change more than you ever know and come into change1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


What was the site of the Crucifixion like?

When He first started taking the preparatory steps that would lead Him to this point upon a mount which was not truly a mount but a mound, that once had been a dust bowl but as the sand shifted became a mount of a sort solidified to a degree with many varieties of cacti growing but not.. .but not too many in number, rocks in a strange shape like unto the cranium of a man’s physical body called by the locals the place of the skull, for it looked like unto it not in every respect but similar in a few, the gaping holes that could be seen and viewed from a distance [John 19: 17]. 1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


Peter denies Jesus thrice?

He that was to be the rock of steadiness, He that was to be the exemplification not only that of adoration but of piousness and of revelation and of fiery fury, Peter denied Him twice, and as He walked out down the last few steps on the way to His goal, Peter denied Him again [John 18:27]. And as He did, though tired, though weary, though weak, though worn, though wounded in spirit in mind and in body, Sananda turned and looked into his face, Peter’s, saying with His eyes “As was prophesied, Peter, as was prophesied, Petrach, as was prophesied Petre”. And what was Peter’s denial? His identity, his knowledge of this man? No! No! No! I call three times and those that answer the call in their heart, in their action as they draw nigh unto their mission are to say and will possibly have, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” the cycle then completed with the great work forthcoming.  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


What does Why Persecutest thou me? Mean?

And you shall cry out, “Why persecutest thou me [Acts 9:4], I of most men?” “Why?” And you shall say over and over within you as your nights of sleep are troubled, as your thoughts will be troubled and muddled as you shall find great difficulties that could have been great blessings, you shall say again and again, “I of all men am most miserable.” For you shall create if you are not careful and in complete control of your own demise, your own hell, not a burning hell which is nil existent, but rather the hell of anguish which is within the mind and bums eternal as mental anguish can bum and sear one troubled.  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence


What is the meaning of Lovest thou me?

Lovest thou me in the mission and the Most High more than the pleasures of the world in the state that it is in?  Lovest thou enough for this? If not re-evaluate yourself and find out for your own knowledge, your own faith what level you do love upon, what league you are really in that you might not overstep your limitations. And as is colloquialism in your language which is symbolic of any who picks up their cross, their mission and carries it through, carries it through in reality, purpose and principle, and carries it through symbolically the street from the first step taken in this direction to the end in attainment of the greatest goal that can be had. Loveth thou enough to know your own pathway?  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

What is the color Black?

Black is a coloration that draws energy. It draws energy to it, physical energy, psychic energy, spiritual energy.   1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

What is the color Red?

And red is the coloration of which exudes energy.   1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

Biblical messages


Through love, is an example that in its light and brilliance can blind all eyes from seeing the scaffolding that you have to crawl up to. A woman of Magdalene, the harlot of history, possessed of great negativity, possessed of all that was of evil, possessed of all that fought, battled and warred within them, unknown unto all, had chosen a mission [Luke 8:2]. And when as she could upon her level she loved, the love was channeled in the direction of light, light eternal. And the love that she hailed from that day on was so brilliant, so true, so purposeful, so wonderful, so intrinsic and so near completion, wholeness and fulfillment upon her level of attainment, that only the base and debased ones would look toward the scaffolding, and even if they looked, the light of that love would blind the eyes, and they would see it but mistily, not in clarity. And if they spoke of it, recognized it, and enumerated upon it, they would have had to do so in blessing.  1972 Vol 2 Abba

Mary Magdalene, confessed and wept not only for her sins that she perceived she had, but for her doubts, for her fears, for her imagination that had led astray into believing something was that was not, and her tears lifted her spirit, and her tears wet His feet and she dried them with her hair [John 11 :2]. And her hair was blond, the color of hair that symbolizes spirituality and purity.  1972 Vol 2 Love is Omnipotent Force