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TaPa’s Questions Nov 11, 1978 Session


TaPa Question: When the Ptolemies took over the throne of Egypt, was it the idea of the Ptolemies or of the priests for them to assume the title of Pharaoh instead of King?

Both, for Pharaoh would be a name respected and a position respected. They had never known these people, a king save their god-kings that were Pharaoh.

The Ptolemies wished to as easily as possible move in and take over and control without causing an uprising or upheaval in the minds, even, of the people. This was the beginning of the Macedonian Greek Pharaohs. They tried to rule with a part of their culture and a part of the Egyptian, and then decided when the time necessitated to become and be as the Egyptians for they would be enhanced and their work and labor lessened could they assume some of the prestige of their forerunners.


Question: Concerning the elephants that were used as instruments in battle, could they have imported the Indian elephants which were superior to the African elephant and then used them in the zoological gardens as breeding stock?

This was done but later than you think. The African elephants were utilized but their intelligence is not as great. They were utilized from time to time but were not plentiful. They were not easily controlled and they have not and there is not an easily controlled group of elephants in your world now. Hannibal was the last that seemed to have any influence with them and that was because he promised them a sightseeing tour of the Alps!


Question: Where did he acquire those elephants?

Out of Egypt to the south, far south, by trading and tradesman of those that would come up from the continent lower. He barged right in and had to place his elephants on same to ford the streams. Though elephants are ones that affect and revere water, they cannot swim. Modesty forbids me from stating the obvious fact why they cannot.


Question: Would you speak to us briefly of Isis?

Mother Isis, the god of maternity, the god of many things, the god of wisdom, for Isis was known for her wisdom. Her name in Egypt was Isa. She was that that was said to be an ancient god who lived and dwelt in the land of Egypt and ruled, and she did. She is the life-giver of those in operation in the feminine gender of the negative aspect. The great wisdom of Egypt was Isis.

She held such authority, she held such prominence among all of the peoples that later in history one would dress, act, and make up to look like the statue of Isis for the effect of it, allowing a so-called god to meet with a god. The statues of Isis in the temples were garbed in a cloak and a mantle and a dress tied with many jewels, and the face was painted. Cleopatra herself, Cleopatra once mimicked and did a very good job of it. It served its purpose. It gave her an excuse for being late for an appointment. But at that time in history the gods of Egypt were known for being late. Things had begun to crumble. Too many had been poisoned to get them out of the way to keep a poisonous flow from running in the veins of those that would be their heirs and descendants.


Question: She, then, did exist?

Yes, of an extraterrestrial origin, for the lineage of the pharaohs was a

combination of the extraterrestrials in their origin of Atlanteus merging with the higher evolved stock of the Egyptian peoples in the civilization that had been then by this time already set up and the colonies already established to bring leadership to the people. Isis was known and worshiped also upon Atlanteus.


Question: Which planetary system did this colonization come from?

Out of the Pleiades, from the and through an influence of Sirius and Venus–the Sirian Venusian influence, held straight by the daughters of the Pleiades.


Question: TaPa, how many lifetimes did you have in Egypt?



Question: What was the level of consciousness of the Atlanteans who came to Egypt?

High, but in an excitement phase, for the continent was destroyed in the final epoch when the complete colonization was then established approximately twelve thousand years ago. The level of consciousness was very high, the level of communication with the extraterrestrials finely wrought. They were in inter-exchange, and helpmates one with the other. However, a certain amount and number had perverted to negativity and disrupting of plans but these were eliminated. Those who found themselves so involved purged and expiated themselves primarily in the loss of life before Egypt became the ruling point upon the globe. You will find Atlanteus to be in its final destructive period somewhere around the twelve thousand year mark.


Question: Were the pyramids built before Atlantis fell or after?

Before for the most part. There are others that have been built by those who sought to equal. Particularly the pyramid that is not a pyramid shape but curved at the bottom was a mistake. Do you know of this one that I speak of? It is often called the Sloping Pyramid. This was the fault of architectural design. It did not serve a purpose that was definite. In fact, it was a very expensive joke. But it did a service that the others did not do, which was to contain the physical remains of the builder for a while until someone decided that he had need for the builder’s supplies and also accidentally took the builder with him. When loading up the treasures in boxes, they loaded up a mummy, also, only to find it later and dispose of it. So much for after-life. A grave in the sand just as the pauper. Although it had been prepared to spend eternity, it will spend eternity dust-returning-to-dust now.


Question: Why was Serapis depicted as a human and worshiped as a bull?

This was part of an influence that far exceeds in time. It goes back beyond and before the Minoan culture, the Minoan bull. Serapis was given the visage of a bull because of strength and because of the ominous appearance–the heap itself, the shape demanding respect. Serapis is still worshiped, and there are others that know not they are worshiping and yet follow the leading of Serapis Bey.


Question: Where is he worshiped now?

You will find it in Egypt’s old country. Many of the old ones cling and holdon still again and again. Its origination was not Egyptian, however. Do you know what I am speaking of? He was an imported deity.


Question: I read in one of the books that it was a combination of the Greek and the Egyptian. It goes farther back than this?

Yes. It was a placating god to placate all who thought theirs was the right form of deity personage.


Question: What is the occult significance of the obelisk and the sphere?

The sphere is a symbol of completion, perfection of the cycle, as I have said so many times. The sphere is the cycle symmetric, from all points equal. The obelisk is symbolic of the aspirant. The higher the obelisk the thinner, and then the point is never equaled but has a larger, a smaller and two equal planes symbolizing the Great I AM; or rather to express it better, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the odd place which represents indecisiveness, and the two equal planes, balance. The obelisk holds its symbolism not in hieroglyphics upon it but in the way the point is cut and what it symbolizes and stands for, and this is held to be high and holy, thus it is at the highest point of the obelisk.


Question: Who designed the Tarot cards?

Those certain holy men of Egypt, many that were the early, early vestiges of those who knew the religion of Atlanteus, but entered into the worship of the sun and saw society being builded around them. They were utilized in many temple worship gestures and in the privacy of the priest counseling, lay priest and priest of ordination, rights and rituals and initiation also. They are primarily out of the response and predecessory ones of Amon.*


* From TaPa’s November 11th 1978 dissertation.

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Portrait of TaPa

This painting is a portrait of Timothy Smith, Young trance-medium, with Spirit entity, TaPa, as the large transparent figure beside him. Instructions for the painting were given by him to the artist, Patti Hansen, through the voice-channel of the medium in trance. Timothy and Patti were told they had both been his children in the Egyptian incarnation.

The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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