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The sessions listed below are word-for-word transcripts of Tim Smith’s channeling(s) of TaPa:

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The Evolutionary Staircase January 15 “For each individual soul-personality possesses a spark of Divinity …. it exists in each and every individual soul-personality, but in some it is a spark. For it is the newness of expression. It is that which must be builded upon if we are to gravitate self-up the evolutionary staircase of evolvement.”
Novice: What Steps Have You Taken? February 17 “And it is by at-one-ment that all things come forth in consciousness, by at-one-ment that the consciousness is expanded in any great detail of expansion, for lest there be the attunement and the at-one-ment with the forces higher, you are as the pilgrim without a pathway to walk upon.”
A Multifaceted Experience of Soul Expression March 6 “Many levels of consciousness represented at present moment in the eternal moment will change insofar as they cannot exist perpetually in their state of present moment, but must evolve as does the soul of man by each lesson learned, by each set of circumstances that you find yourself involved therein.”
Links in a Great Chain of Light March 7 “For each here is an individual soul-personality manifesting not exactly as another, but manifesting in the light of a seeker after true, full, and complete illumination of soul-being.”
The Universal Harmony of Being March 13 ” … helping to advance both self and the other individual soul-personality .. .is an epitome of Universal Love.
Spiritual Materialism April 2 ” … walk a pathway of purity … and you will be educated in the way of the Word, of the Light, and of the world of materiality before the breaking of the cord, before the severing of ties, before the smashing of the crock, before the opening of the temple doors that you might fly forth from a prison of flesh.”
Light of the Eternal Soul April 7 ” … all that you bring forth in that of your generation must be given forth a name associated with them and tied to them almost from the moment of birth, that they retain their individuality, that it separate them and draw them into the whole …. the Light of the Eternal Soul itself”
Preparation for a World Teacher April 23 “All are in a waiting period, transitional within itself, seeking to be lights along the pathway of the Bridegroom as He comes forth seeking to prepare a way more fully, more completely, and more appropriately then was prepared in the last coming of a World Teacher.”
The Mystic Experience Awareness April 30 “Watch your pathway; see that it is lighted by the Christos dwelling within you and by the Divinity kindled within you. The emanation that falls forth from a soul illumined lights the pathway of its own feet and the pathway of a brother evolving, for the cast in radiation is great and is not limited and reaches areas of darkness.”
Unification in the Brotherhood of Light May 7 “Those existing in the council speak of unification in the brotherhood. It is actively being started as the issuing forth of this has come about in the recentness as many peoples of many colors, of many thoughts, and of many philosophies are now somewhat more harmoniously blending in thought, idea, and in choice of one another.”
Markers Upon The Pathway June 11 ” … those that will walk and those that will be near, carrying torches and carrying banners of word, light, and love, know and fully recognize … that of the three–word, light, and love–love is of the utmost importance.”
The Sign of Inner Knowing May 21 “When one learns to see the signs and with the soul-eyes reads the signs, then one has taken the first of preparatory steps in the opening of themselves. And once the opening is completed there is not one level shown but all levels.”
A Ministry of Greatness May 26 ” … each carries forth a flame that bears witness to the light as it brings forth its illumination in the darkness, but only when all are gathered in and all blend harmoniously–the flames of many candles, can we become as a beacon.”
The Great Whole and Complete All June 18 “There is not the known end to the evolvement of the soul, the progression of its being, the development of its essence, nor the blending into unity of its whole and complete all.”
The Life Force Vibration June 25 “Within the soul of each animate thing there is the rhythmic pattern of its being. This can be seen within the heartbeat, within the respiration, within the digestion, within physical form and flesh. It is a rhythmic pattern operating in rhythm. Unless the individual soul seeks to tamper with the rhythmic pattern, it operates in completeness, fullness, and wholeness.”
The Work of the Great Whole June 30 “Each here comes forth to add in the great whole that of the bounty of their progressive states of cycling through time itself. … When it is that with one another you blend, harmonize, and strike the triunison of servitude, awareness, creativity, and blessedness in peaceful nature that is truly yours, then will the work be spread wide and not thin … “
Triunison of Accord July 9 ‘The builders of a great bridge are drawn together, and they are to work and labor together in unison, striking a triunison of accord, striking a harmony and a rapport far superior even to that that can be ordinarily perceived and conceived within the mind, conscious and subconscious.”
Alexandria: A Sleeping Lady July 28 “Only the greatest minds, only the Hierarchy existent now and those forthcoming to join with it can call to a sleeping lady and have her walk forth from the sepulcher.”
The Life Path: Its Meaning, Its Why, Its Issuance July 30 “Each encounters the lessons that life affords in primarily the same way and/or fashion. However, the circumstances often differ …. life gives illusions and makes minds deluded. You must learn to reflect upon the lessons of life, to learn them, to ponder them. For they are applicable only in that that you are experiencing … “
Discernment August 6 ” … let discernment walk forth as your friend, for the closest friend unto you is that of the Spirit of the Most High … .But closest after this is that of your own discernment, the constant companion, protectorate in nature, used and to be used for specific purposes of your own guidance, leadance, and directance … “
Dimensions of Soul Growth August 13  “You are walking forth in flesh seeding through the mind of intellect, knowledge and wisdom to reach unto the spiritual aspects of your growth. You are reaching, many of you, from that of the first dimension in contrast to and up toward that of the fourth.”
The Law of Spiritual Motion August 20 ” … to return unto the household with the Bridegroom and the Bride is to enter into the level of dwelling through faith and realization with the Eternal Force in not the Land of Promise, but dwelling and living, tied to one another in harmony within the Kingdom Come … “ 
Sananda Jesu Jesus August 25  ” … a life cycling of an individual soul, deified and personified in perfection … known in physical reality as the most perfected of beings, holding all essences of the echelon of the highest caliber and quality.”
Patience August 27 “Patience must start you. For patience will end you. It will bring you forth in birth of spirituality … “ 
Faith September 3 ” .. faith sustains and/or pumps the vitality of spirit…until it becomes in its own self pure vibratory rating in issuance of purified energy that is blended with the Most High.” 
The Attributes of Soul September 10 “Only with and as you acquire the three–love, patience, and faith–can you see that you have turned and are upon that of the returned pathway of the true initiate … “
Spiritual Discernment Through Symbols September 15 ” … discernment operates upon the level of spirituality. You must use that of your intellect … build a partial foundation of mentality that you might upon the level of your mind have rapport, understanding, devising and then categorizing symbols and symbologies.”
The Lessons of Love September 17 “Love is motivation in all and each lesson learned.”
The Unspoken Lesson September 22 “That unspoken unto you is a lesson often as meaningful as that spoken.”
At-One-Ment September 24 “For the realization of the at-one-ment is the full realization of Divinity.”
Understanding October 1 “Above all understanding must be the virtue of self-understanding. Until you understand self, you shall see no light, truly, for you will be living with and within a strange temple, with a stranger that is your true essence.”
Initiation Into Discipleship October 8 “The master of self-the high self-quality–this will discipline you. This will make you a disciple.”
The Call Into Missions, Works, and Ministries October 22 ” … all are called, but few choose to answer.”
The Call Within October 15 “If Divinity be God and God be that of life, and life be that of purpose, purpose be that of mission, mission be that of work, should you not seek after your call?”
Missions of Ministry November 17 “Where is your light, 0 Pilgrim? For surely you pilgrimage and make a pilgrimage even now, and what does your light reveal? ls it hidden? ls it shinning? ls it small or large? This you must know to find the mission, to enter into the flow of the work, to be in the work of service, to be in the service, ye therefore served.”
The Cataclysmic Changes October 27 “You are asked to do many things that you see and/or call as hard and hardships. You are asked to endure many things of purges.”
Walk Straight the Pathway Within October 29 ” … man is called upon innately by the Divinity within to continue the cycle of search until no longer is he but man, but is spirit.”
Cooperation November 3 ‘Through understanding and rapport, when accomplished, you shall then have cooperation.”
Cycle of Necessity November 5 “Rebirth, reawakening, renaissance of being, this is that intended upon each and every level of consciousness: physical, mental, and spiritual…”
The Tree of Life November 12 ‘Through the words of many teachings; through the ears of your own hearing; through the minds of your own contemplative, realizant, intrinsic valuation of the evaluated processes itself, have you been placed, beloved ones, upon the tree of life … “
The Etheric Essence of Love December 3 “The greatest beauty held in the arms of the Earth planing is an essence that cannot be handled and touched in reality. For it is a facet of love … “
Mastery and Mastership December 10 “Beneath the seeker is the novice that is just starting the search, and beneath this is that that is completely unaware …. that that is the base … is the foundation from which catapults the personality of the soul itself into the way, the light, and the word, and begins to be then, the novice, the seeker, the follower, the disciplic being, the master of the lesson, the master of many lessons, thus master of the globing in mastership. This is the retracement then from that that can be accomplished in your world, from that that is the most elementary, fundamentalistic and lowest level of soul expression insofar as mastership and mastery.”
New Cosmic Man November 19 “Being able to walk into insight along the pathway of the initiate, if you seek even but a moment each day of your measured time, then you are this new cosmic man … “
The Table of Change December 17 “For change is inevitable in each and every facet of corporeal life … man in his co-creative state can bring about the changes, but man in his co-creative state cannot create an end for it.”

The Positive and Negative Polarity Existing Within January 7 TaPa talks to his children“For within each draws and dwells in its dwelling process that of positivity and of negativity. “
Cooperation and At-One-Ment January 14 “In cooperation blend into one unit cooperative therefore then with one another in love and with your mission,  your purpose,  your obligation and with the Force that says, ‘I AM”
First A Cross, Later A Crown January 28 “Take up not only the cross but all that is necessary to give you footage to reach up and take the crown.And as you are motivated, and as you are pulled in many directions, bless it for it is the Holy One of the Most High that is motivating.”
The Latter Days Are Numbered January 26 ” .. :Revelation/alls into being scripturally for that ofreve/ating unto the consciousness and unto the soul that transpiring in this, the latter days. “
In the Still of the Night He Spoke of Power, Honor and Glory January 21 “Go ye forth unto many places to speak a word of light in darkness, but if spirit is moving you, motivating you, leading you, guiding you, bearing witness for you, hear this: You cannot bear witness for spirit and power and energy, power, honor and glory of the kind that you have and shall achieve, if you carry with you materialism and materiality to keep your mind cluttered and your hands busy. “
The I Am is the Light of the World February 4 “Let the lamp stand and let it be consecrated. Let the light of your life shine to be a beacon for the children of light. Let all the world know, and as you are a light proclaim, ‘The I AM is the Light of the World, I am but aflame of His kindling for His Peace!”‘
The Central Force February 25 ” … it is the Word, the Son, the truth that should be given first; and secondly, the Father, the all-creative source and point of instigative al/-ness; and upon the other side, then, the Holy Spirit; for the Central Force is that that decided and would not endure nor abide being alone, thus separated itself that it might serve the cosmic Plan more abundantly in three rather than in one. “
The Power of Faith April 14 “For  you, beloved children, will manifest your gifts according to your faith, not according to the negatively given fear that confidence or lack of confidence and specifically self-confidence can give, for faith will allow you all things, bless you, caress you, lift you up in all things, and be unto you and for you all.”
The Glorified Body March 31 “When the others looked upon the mount and they looked to see, they first saw a man glorified and shining that they knew as their master.”
The Judas Principle March 3 “It is, oh, beloved one, that though you are being touched now, you could be in all reality touched, for I could lean and touch if you would lean forward unto me. Thus close, this close is the Judas principle.”
The Glorious Destiny of Man March 10 ” … the destiny of man is completion and fulfillment. Many tasks and many orders of events intervene and many of the responsibilities and jobs of setting up and situating in causal reality and physical reality are laid unto the backs as burdens, that up these man might progress and step. 
Seek to Be Led and Directed March 15 “For man comes forth to be guided and directed by other men; and all men, even the greatest, come forth to be motivated, guided, and directed by the inner presence. “
The Glorious Destiny of Being March 17 “Man’s destiny then is to evolve through the cycles of many eras and epochs of time, wherein many lessons can be afforded to continue and end the cycles by the re-conjunctive process of tying at-one again into at-oneness ,into energy, into force, into the Central God element. ” 
Making You One With the Love That Is March 24 “The Love of the Divine, the Infinite Love beyond even your consciousness of its existence, in the Love that is the Breath that made you breathe, that gives you existence, that is manifested about you illusively or otherwise in all things, it is the Love that breathed o’er Eden. .. “
Called Forth In Mission April 7 “A mission is that that you choose in obligation, a work  within the higher realms, usually upon the inner existent planes to fulfill, to be and, in so doing, to progress yourself  with much more rapidity when  you come back onto the earth and return to fulfill the mission.”
Cooperation and Fellowship April 28 “Both cooperation and fellowship are acquired only thorough love. Love is understanding, long suffering, persevering. In love you must stand before reaching communication of cooperation and of fellowship.”
Vibration and Emotionalism May 26 “Emotionalism is an expression of a vibration different from all others, but it can be adverse or conductive, positive or negative.”
A Giving That Will Bless May 19 “Blessed be this day and all that follow it. And it shall be. And I shall show you what blessings are, if you do not already know. “
The True Essence of Cosmetology August 10 “It is that cosmetology, as we view it, must circumference the three elemental personalities, bodies and astral intercessory forms of the humanoid existence being physical, mental and spiritual.”
The Whole of Righteousness June 9 “Righteousness consists of many validities, of many segregated areas which combined together creates the whole of righteousness.”
The Eater, The Meat, The Strong and the Sweet August 25 “Out of the eater of meat comes flesh, out of the eater comes meat, out of the strong comes sweetness.”
Realms and Planes May 17 “There are seven planes of existence, seven planes of consciousness. Each is different and man must master each. Between each of these planes there are seven sub-planes, and between each of these sub-planes there are seven sub-sub-planes …”
The Activity of Centralization June 16 “There are many things that you are not aware of that are revolving and working, manifesting about you.”
Shall You Be of the Old Race or the New Race July 7 “Behold, throughout the history of the old race souls were called into action, but this is not the old race, this is cosmic man and his day, this is the new age of the new race and many teachers have come.”
Love So Supernal August 4 “Love brought the world into being, love was the motivating force that caused the Divine Energy, the Most High God, to segregate itself into the triunison of existence and manifest to the planning’s, to the globing’s and unto your world as the Word, as the Will, and as the Spirit, Comforter and Companion.”
Prayer, Meditation and Healing August 11 “It is when you pray to be a healer, and those that work in healing, that you must truly pray to love all things, to be at peace, and to manifest the ability to push your vital life force into others.”
Cosmic Laws of the Universal Order July 30 “Ask and ye shall receive. This is a lesser law but never the less important cosmic interventive law of order that you must ask and then you are given; then do you receive and with that that you receive you can ask again if it is not in clarity, and receive again that you might walk away from here understanding yourself somewhat better.”
Enter into the Level of Mindfulness June 23 “Mindful is the under key word which is broad and all-encompassing to an extent symbolically, for to be mindful one must discipline one’s physical body to the extent of reaction to the action taken.”
Love is the Omnipotent Force of Movement, of Action and Reaction May 12 Wash ye one another’s feet in turn and let the tears flow and the joys flow. In this you shall experience many manifestations, but the greatest shall be love.”
ABBA, The Great I Am May 5 “But unto life many others, in many times, the teachers and the Masters of the globing to bring and introduce a new facet of love, closer, more idealized, with an ideal in mind and more lit by the brilliance of Abba, thus more like unto Infinite Love.”
Age of New Revelation of Holy Spirit Manifesting July 29 “This is the age wherein the Holy Spirit can work and wrought the miracles promised, even more easily because the true earnest heart that seeks is ready and prepared, is full ripe unto harvest knowing that so swiftly comes the night.”
Choose the Path You Tread July 19 “There is a two-fold roadway; you can walk into either direction … go either to the right or to the left.”
In the New Age the Spirit Will Bear Witness to the Spirit October 1 “The Holy Spirit is the still small voice that asks entrance into your consciousness. You can refuse it until you are convicted by it.  You are only convicted, if done so, by a purpose and for a reason.”
There Are Three Temples Within One September 10 “What more beautiful temple could man worship in than the one he lives in? For individually, each body is a temple and should be worshipped in, and into that body who … who or what is the leader, the spiritual source?
Truth and Purity September 1 “Truth is purity; purity is congulactivity of discerning qualification, enhances then truth, builds in truth, stores and houses in truth. But what is purity? Purity is that that the earth does not know.”
Unto Each is Given a Service November 5 “Unto each is given a task, unto each is given a service, unto each is given stewardship to a degree according to their level.”
The Secret of Light in Ancient Egypt September 17 “But it is that Egypt did not grow, Egypt did not invent, Egypt did not, in her own and of her own ingenuity comprise what is known now as the Egyptian mysteries, they were inherited.”
The Spirit Shall Whisper in Sweet Peace September 24 “… when the light of your faith is so weak that this glow you cannot see, then you must ask the Holy One to draw in close making you brave, and He’II whisper sweetest, soothingest, most comforting peace unto thee. If it were not true I would not have told you.
The Pharisee in Each November 12 “A Pharisee is pure in heart and mind and soul. A Pharisee is one so close to the master and the mastery they did not recognize a Master that walked among them…A Pharisee is one that, because deep within they are so defiled of themselves and know it, they must create a great facade.”
The Lowest to the Highest October 8 You have come from the lowest to the highest. Were it not true I would have told you. But are you going to stop here? Oh no. You may think that you are, but you are not.”
The Spirit of the Most High God in Activity October 29 “Beyond all of this the Most High God in Spirit exists as every fractional molecular atomic part. All about you is Divinity, for all things are God if they be of God, and all things are.”
The First Born of Her Womb December 23 For as she took in her arms the first born of her womb, she knew in that moment the pain, the sorrow, the heartbreak, the loss that would come in just a few years.”
Open to Holy Spirit and Receive October 15 “The Father and the Son, which is the Word and the Most High God, balanced upon the other side by the Spirit of the Divine Force which blesses, caresses, encircles, engulfs, encompasses, takes your weaknesses and makes them into strengths, takes your pain and makes it into joy, takes your heart and makes it into a love beyond love.”
Bringing a Ministry of a New Age Concept December 17 “For when you have the Spirit you must share it with them, you must give it to them, you must minister with it and through it, keeping tied to it before all that see …
Listen, There is a Hammering November 26 “And each one of you somewhere along the pathway, while waiting for the love that will bear you into the dimension, beyond this waiting for the end of your sojourn, fulfillment of your mission, commendation of your goals on your way upon a love that will carry you through these and things to the highest accomplish-able state, the love that will be the mallet, the hammer, the sound and the stake.”
The New Pentecost December 10 “In the day of Pentecost, a great expiation fell, but a great beginnance of expenditurisms of that energy and that power started…And in this, the latter days of that cycle, the power is strong only in a few of the highly evolved, the specially chosen.”


The Alabaster Box August 30 TaPa teaches on the divine touch; spiritual growth; the constant Presence within visualization; self-revelation.

Four Pillars of Support February 28

TaPa teaches on reality and truth awareness; higher individualization through revelation; fellowship; fruitfulness; frustration; forgiveness.


In This Section

The Connection Between Tim & TaPa

Discover the Illumination of TaPa

This picture Describes the connection between Tim and TaPa, To find out more, click the button below.

Portrait of TaPa

This painting is a portrait of Timothy Smith, Young trance-medium, with Spirit entity, TaPa, as the large transparent figure beside him. Instructions for the painting were given by him to the artist, Patti Hansen, through the voice-channel of the medium in trance. Timothy and Patti were told they had both been his children in the Egyptian incarnation.

The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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The Answers: Enlightened Wisdom of Life from the Master Teacher TaPa

Authored by Rev. Timothy L. Smith and available only on Amazon, TaPa presents an ancient philosophy in a new light and unlocks the secrets of living life in the eternal moment of Now.

The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.

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