TaPa’s Beautiful Metaphors

Spring Picture

When you walk out of winter into spring, when you do so, what is the sign you look for? Look for the two blooms, the two buds, the flowers upon the stalk. When you see the greenery is there, you will know then it is spring.
Then you look to the trees. Are they budded in leaves? Yes, it is this that protects and houses the buds from the harshness of the sun and from the downpour of the rain that would damage the petals. Then what do you seek after when you are trying to ascertain if it be spring or winter? Warmth! Is there warmth? Yes. The buds sing together. They vibrate warmth. Yes. The grass rejoices with these and blankets these, thus they are covered with a blanket. They are warm. The roots and the stabilizing factors and the true motivation is subterranean and covered by this blanket thus warm. The tree knows of warmth because it is
budded. The tiny showers of little day are but warm and you can breath in these, for you feel the warmth. What then do you seek after to be the final, the final sign that spring is come and that Summer follows after? Truly, it is the Gardener that tends these and works, works around them, works with them, touches them. The One that is seen in the yard tending nature as it is budded forth. When His back is seen bent and in His hand the hoe and the shovel and the trowel, then as He is preparing and turning the ground preparing for the summer flock, you will truly know that Spring is there and that He knows of spring and that He knows of the buds and of the love and has had the motivation not only to breathe in spring but to prepare for the summer and for the planting of flowers.
“Spring” was taken from the following chapter of The Evolutionary Staircase: The Lessons of Love. September 17, 1971


My teacher took a bird that had fallen from its lofty heights and at my feet met death. Without consideration to the hand that had thrown it from the height unto the base, picked it up, blew upon it and set it free. Could I believe the miracle of the moment, and before I could understand its mystery, I heard this song of that same bird in flight winging its way back home. If we can take that which falls at our feet and pick it up, put it back, we will not have corrected any right or wrong, but we would have placed something in what is considered to ourselves the proper order. And if it not be of His Will and accord, it shall fall again. And yet that which seems to have picked up its strength, its life in power to live, and upon pinion to rise, still sings the song as the wild unchallenged and unburied bird of our youth.

“Bird of Our Youth” was taken from the following chapter of The Evolutionary Staircase: The New World Servers. January 26, 1991

We must be under the instruction of One that indulges us at least the potential for great awareness. For within the volumes, and man lives his life as a book, and yet we turn the pages and tum down the leaves often just to mark our relatively swift passage in time. We diminish that of the whole volume because it seems to be rather clouded as we have lived and experienced and expressed this ourselves. What will illumine these pages? Perhaps it shall not be the gilt edges nor the fine leather work with which it is bound. Perhaps it shall not be the science that has produced and brought it into actuality that is of such vital
importance, but the message. For words of love that have been given and cherished even from a great and ancient time past, still speak unto that soul and unto that spirit-soul-self that seeks in your world advancement.
“The Book” was taken from the following chapter of The Evolutionary Staircase: The Spiritual Uniting Force. January 12, 1991

Think as if your body was operated by a battery.
The positive is blessed and is light personified, but the battery shall not work
only in the positive but must be given the negative polarity to make it workable, usable and feasible. And the vehicle without the battery to give it its energy spark shall not move. Thus when it has been given this balance of positive and negative forces, influxes and inflows, then it can take a step for it has the medium, it has the mode, and it has the direction. When you can seek out negativity and love it away, when you can seek out a flaw and bless it until it is virtuous and an attribute, when you can take a word spoken, finding in it the negativity and the misunderstanding, re-evaluate it and understand it, pass it upon the levels of consciousness, through the words that are spoken seek the mental reason for why it was spoken unto you and look in the spiritual understanding of that which it serves for you even though it is negativity. When you can accept it and bless it and understand it, then you have loved, then you have learned the lesson. You shall use the same principles of taking the flaw and making it an asset, an attribute. But realize, as you do so, bless it for coming to teach you a lesson. And keep it with you, the little doubt, the little fear, the little misunderstanding until the Great I AM bathes you in power and your Divinity echoes back its “I AM.” And the understanding created by the harmonious blending of your consciousness with its Divine Essence shall in its energy cause the little doubt, the little fear, the little negativity, the little flaw to cease. It is the transmutation and transmigration of molecular control realized in an ethereal terminology rather than in a corporeal and physical explanation of this, of taking this negativity, this misunderstanding, this flaw that you find within yourself as you start to know yourself, carrying it and lighting yourself around it that you might be able to see it and know it and become it and be it eventually.

“The Battery” was taken from the following chapter of the Evolutionary Staircase: Understanding.

Let it be with joy that we face in resolve that of our forthcoming attempt, for the attempt is that we continue. I am here to unite those that have come seeking a place therein to understand more than just being a part of the puzzle. What the pieces all mean when interplayed and interlocked, to see the over all and Divine come forth in living expression through the tapestry that once incomplete was a puzzlement, now shown that many weave in
their position and/or place, their signet and their sign. They mark then the tapestry, for there they have sat to loom, and there they have been given that inspiration for Artistry to flow. God be with you always, And may His Hand guide on from day to day, May He walk beside you,
Hold your hand and guide you.
“The Tapestry” was taken from the following chapters of The Evolutionary Staircase:
The Cycle of Necessity November 5, 1971; The Spiritual Uniting Force, January 12, 1991.

Once there was one of great wealth that had forth many sons that partook of the wealth. And at the time of the father’s illness, as he lay tossing upon a bed of death, they hurried near to receive up that divided that would be theirs, and lo, before them the olden man brought forth those that had served them and honored them highly by dividing his household and his lands; and those that were his blood had but nothing. They numbered six sons and unto any one of these naught was given. Thus they rebuked him, and they cursed him, and they turned away, and they cursed those that had served them. And when it was all
divided, there was one article that no one claimed and upon it was marked “theirs.” And one that loved him and served him knew that it was for the sons, thus they were called all back. And when they saw that it was not a great large piece and portion of land, or a house, or many cattle, or many wives–they looked and saw that it was a small wooden casket, they all walked away saying, “I want it not, I need it not. It is but once again nothing, for all the wealth has been given to the servants.” One son that loved the father had promised him to fulfill an obligation after his death, that promised to bring him forth honor by living righteously in truth, light and love, wanting not the small wooden box but taking it as a memento of a life well lived, not being overly
joyed but being sincere, carried it away to his small house. For many years he opened it not, for he cared not, thinking it only to be a wooden casket of personal, emotional ties–ties not of his but of that which fathered him. But one day by chance opened he this up and there in its midst lay six stones of the greatest preciousness the land had ever .known–one for each son. Yet they had moved and gone forth away in journeys. Thus he held in his hands the wealth of his father, for he had fulfilled his mission  in love. Thus many gifts are given within you. They may not be large gifts given, but who knows the value until you look within and use them and hold them out in your hands in love, fulfilling your service unto another.
“The Small Wooden Box” was taken from the following Chapter of the
Evolutionary Staircase, Missions of Ministry, November 17, 1971.

Lo, the daffodils hold much beauty, they weep not except when rained into their cup is the water from the heavens; symbolic is water of all that is Spirit. When they are filled unto the brim and the whisper of the wind touches, they drop their heads over weighted. This is truth, but not a truism. For when you are filled with Spirit, the weight is but light and not heavy; you shall not have to drop your head in shame or because of weight when Spirit has
filled your cup, you shall then skip the precedent that fills the daffodils existence. For when the daffodils are filled with the tincture of the heavens and their cup is filled and they bow their heads, still are they happy, so must you be happy. But when you are filled, you will not dip unto any save to the Divine that exists within and without. Unlike the daffodil, you shall not have to bow your head to empty the contents before you, you can raise again the face and point it toward the skies of the Eternal, the solar disc, the sun. For farther
along the pathway have you walked; closer unto the at-one-ment do you stand.
Thus as your cup is filled, it is drank within a hunger-filled thirst cavity of soul
expression. It is consumed and the ritual of life is consummated. For though your head be held high in the time forthcoming, it shall be bowed in despair. But you need not bow the head, for you shall not be laden with spirit but raised up and lightened. And have you not to look for the sun or the solar disc that gives you life? For the sun of life, because of your advancement and volvement, is within you–the spark of Divinity.
I’ll be waiting when the morning comes,
Pure and spotless from the crimson flow.
I’ll be readied when He calls my name,
And you shall also come to know.
“The Daffodil” was taken from the following chapters of 1971 The Evolutionary Staircase: The
Attributes of the Soul; The Tree of Life; Revival of Spiritual Awareness.

You are living in a sign and the sign is ending as the new comes forth. But as you live in a time of many signs, you must learn and attune the eye and the ear conjunctionally with the emotional heart to these signs of that forthcoming. All are given eyes that they might see in clarity. But truly, in the connotation of clarity, flesh can never see. They can never see beyond the limitations of this since mechanism given and the mechanism given unto flesh is not complete as all things of a physical and material nature are never completed in their own evolutionary cycles. When one learns to see the signs and, with the soul eyes reads the signs, then one has taken the first of preparatory steps in the opening of themselves. And once the opening is completed there is not one level shown but all levels. It is as circuits placed not sparsely, but rather very close together and through them runs one wire. When all are connected together, completing the cycle, the electromagnetic force can flow through the wire. When it is not
connected, it only reaches a few of the circuits. When it is not connected and not allowed the complete cycle, its end can be seen and its beginning can be seen. In the soul this is not true, for no one existing in flesh can know of the beginning or see the end. Though the end and the beginning is not seen, still there is the inner knowing. With the facets given unto man there is not limitation, for limitation should not be known and limitation exists only within
the mind that can create it, as is also the negativity. It is born forth within you. It is builded upon only by those that operate in the building of this large foundation of negativity. It is as many that your co-creativity allows you to create and then the creativity shows you the destructive qualities of that which you have created about and within yourself. As you learn to balance these, as you learn to make them workable and usable in a mode of expression, you are growing in mind and spirit. You are allowed access to this wisdom that you have acquired over and over regardless of the life you are experiencing.
“The Wire Circuits” was taken from the .following chapter of The Evolutionary
Staircase: The Sign of Inner Knowing. May 21, 1971

The Rose

Tapa speaks of the divine essence of the Rose and how it symbolizes our quest for the eternal life. Like a Rose, we are nurtured and brought forth from seed, basking in the light until we come unto our full bloom. “Don’t spend your money on flowers, for just one Rose will do”. This signifies the gift of his hand extended that often, we do not recognize before us. We see the flowers, but elude the perfumed fragrance within each bloom. We admire the bouquet that dresses our table with its deep crimson velvet petals, or we view the sparkle of its rays as they shimmer in the sunlight, or we revere the elegance of each bloom with its flawless, painted hue. But when we understand the gift of his hand extended, it can be everything to us. Our senses attune to the smell of the sweet fragrance in the petals and we savor the taste of the nectar in the stamen that encourages us to hold it in the light and to hold its beauty in our heart. For like a flower, we are forever changing by perfected rituals of our own understanding. We bloom forth in the early morning to relish the aroma of his love and to taste the dew drops of spirit as it nourishes the soul. Only to be purged in the evening as darkness descends in the garden and our petals lose their essence. Once again, we wait patiently in the shadows of the night for that first ray of light as we prepare another bud to bloom to an even higher fragrance, a higher level, in accordance with our own faith. Perhaps it could be the bud of the red rose. The deep crimson that signifies the power that is in the blood. The flowing out of Conflict into Harmony. Or it could be the bud of that precious flow that makes a white rose as pure as snow. The purity of His Love.

For in your garden experience, there is always a rose to bloom and die among the thorns. A bloom that discards the unwanted garments to give you a new life, a new body, a new opportunity to reach his hand extended.

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The Connection Between Tim & TaPa

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Portrait of TaPa

This painting is a portrait of Timothy Smith, Young trance-medium, with Spirit entity, TaPa, as the large transparent figure beside him. Instructions for the painting were given by him to the artist, Patti Hansen, through the voice-channel of the medium in trance. Timothy and Patti were told they had both been his children in the Egyptian incarnation.

The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.