The Artist

We come forth each unto this place an artist, many do not believe it, many will not test it, many will never consider it anything more than a mere flattery, but behold within you is that which is great. It is creative, in a co-creative aspect. The Creator who took palette and brush in hand and mixed the very hues of each season, and painted in the creative eye an image that could bestow the lush vegetation of Eden, that could bring forth in simplicity beauty and harmony, lake, river and stream and still find another addendum to compliment these the bubbling brook, the spring, and also the crevice water that decorates in arms and hands and fingers of moisture toward that which it touches.

Find in this a lack of artistry so if we see in ourselves the creative aspect we know that within us is the artist. Some will take the medium of their choice. Others will allow many different mediums to come into their hands. From each, they will try to make a decision and ask the question, have it answered. If it is their particular, particular medium, which means before an artist fashions his work he chooses not among the several but the many. For when God gives that which is the God given within you of the artist, he gives plan also, creative instinct. Within each then there might not be a great masterpiece of any one work of art, but each is different and called unto their own. Perhaps you are salesmen, this can be carried to an art. Perhaps you are writers, it can be decorative, descriptive, it can be the conveyance of the word. But each here has more than one talent, more than one opportunity to let spirit express itself through you.  TaPa

1986 The Rhythm and Flow