The Beautiful Cathedral

***There is no greater Cathedral than the world.  Its ceiling so far and highly suspended that you cannot even see it.  Its chandeliers made of the crystal starlets.  Its canopy is made of the branches of mighty trees bending, bleeding and blended ever together through which man can walk.  The altar is the mountain top.  The baptismal where the holy water is kept is with each stream and pool, within each lake, within each river and ocean and sea.  All around the base of the altars are placed the four tributes, flowers of the earth.  Upon the actual altar of the mountain sloops and peak is placed also the tiniest most delicate and fragile blooms. 9/72 p. 1004

The altars that are covered with white cloth, white altar clothes, meaning the mountains that are covered with snow.  They are garnished and decorated with Edelweiss.  What more beautiful temple could man worship in than the one he lives it.  And when it rains the clouds open and turn dark.  This is but the master plan re-plastering the ceiling of the cathedral that it might be repainted.  And the dampness of the water and precipitation that falls, is this anything but showers of blessings.  “

How many aspire to take the podium of the priest in his rectory upon the altarage, before the sacramental table?  Many.  But who can stand in the holy place of the earth?  All over this globing the children of love that have been touched and baptized in spirit by the nearness of the Holy One.  These unitedly can stand in this position and give the rites unto the rest of the world.  “

And all the rest of the world shall be followers, followers inside the temple of the most high God, led by, banded together, the body of Christos.  For all of those in the Christic Consciousness are of one mind and one body as the body of the church was intended to be and can minister to the world, guide, direct the world, comfort the world, and intercede for the world till such time as the world ceases to exist. “

And the meadows that roll as lawns of green blanketing the countryside even in the time when all the trees that are murals, the portraits, the paintings and the altar pieces are colored differently as if an artist had taken a brush and a pallet in their hand and painted each and every leaf upon each and every tree, bush and shrub using the ochre, the orange, the yellow and the gold, the red, the colors of the earth and the colors of the passion.  The sky is the color, the canopy and the cathedral ceiling is color of the soul – blue. “

The light of the sun that shines reflecting through the stain glass window, symbolically just as you have seen in reality within your church.  For your sun shines through the window of the world into the temple of the most high gold which is the world and all are parishioners if they are not teachers, if they are not called into the ministry and if they are not the higher layman, elders of the earth’s and the world’s church, but upon the pasture lands and rolling lawns of green what better place is there for one to kneel down in the temple of the earth and the world.  What does the earth have to offer that would make a better kneeling bench unless it was the banks beside the rivulets that are covered with the moss.  All of the stone masses of the earth these are but the dust upon the floor unnoticed by the keeper.  The sexton rings the bell, he sweeps the church.  “

And what is the chorus, what is the choir, what is the music within the temple of the earth?  It is the song of hundreds and hundreds of different varieties of birds.  But the choir of the earth comprised of hundreds and hundreds of different species of birds flying, it is mounted upon the wings of eagles.  They use the sanctuary of the world ad they sing in the morning, in the noontime, in the evening and the whip-o-will even sings in the night.  That is the greatest choir but then it is ruled by the greatest officiator for that that leads the world is the hand that turns the world, the most high god.

The temple of the Holy of Holies is your soul.  You can go and you alone can go for adoration.  And in the temple of the world why should anyone adore you when there is so much of nature and the Temple or Cathedral itself to adore? ***  “