Rose Resurrection2

Each year nature celebrates itself in the season of the Mother.  Her breath is sweet upon the land and the earth lays open her bosom to the aromatic ritual of spring. The buds on the trees are unfolding their bounty of leaves, the flowers are scenting the air with the fragrance of their blooms and the seedlings of grass are blanketing the fields with a lush green carpet.

This is also the season of the Easter Festival. The first of the three great Festivals of Light. Think of the Mother who birthed a Precious Seed whose mission was to teach Peace and Love to the world.  The Precious Seed of the Christ, who walked the earth for a short time, was laid in a tomb, to come forth as the White Lily and to triumph over death. When we reflect upon this event, a special, special mystical opportunity is presented to us.

Out of the hearts of man came the cry for one to be sent, and

One was sent with a mission to teach Peace and Love to the world.

I am lightly touching on one of TaPa’s beautiful narratives of the life of Sananda Jesu Jesus.

Behold, upon this auspicious day was it that the prophecies came forth out of the mouths of prophets saying that the son of man would bear the mark of the Son of God and would shed blood as a sacrificial offering.  His blood would be purified by water and at the same time erase and illuminate the sins of men. These words still ring upon this day and will exist forever.

Sananda Jesu Jesus answered the call of the Father.

He manifested unto the world His life and fulfilled His mission by ascending through the planes to become AT-One with the Father.

I And The Father Are One!

I move quickly in the number of days from the garden of Gethsemane, past the cruel and heartless indecencies that he experienced, to Good Friday-the day Jesus was crucified at Golgotha.

Mary, His Mother, stood near the cross with a broken heart. Though she swooned, never, was a flood of tears upon her face or out of her eyes. She could not grieve openly for fear that the grief would destroy the perfection and the beauty that He had instigated, devised, and depended upon in his transition. She had no way to bring him down from the cross, to pull out his nails, or to lift off the crown of thorns, let alone to carry Him in a cart. But she was hailed by another son who was given by Him who was dying, “This is my beloved John.’

John, take her forth unto your home

And give her that that shall sustain

And know, Beloved, that my love for you

Must ever within retain

For once she was mine, my mother, and my own

Yet I know that parents are but His to us loaned.

Beloved, so blessed are you this day

For your life is but begun,

Is but started and is new,

She will walk and you will support all along her way

And Beloved, once you had one mother now you have two.


Mary, the woman who walked up the hill of Golgotha, walked down the hill of Calvary forever transformed as the Mother of all eternally.

Each and every prophecy was fulfilled as the purified water fell from the pierced side of the Teacher of Peace and Love –it fell until–until—-“It was Finished.”

And in the daylight hours that were shadowed and shaded by darkness, valiantly, Joseph and Nicodemous, took Jesus’s body down from the cross, wrapped Him in linens with spices, and laid Him in a tomb that had been cut out of rock.  Then Joseph rolled a stone against the entrance of the tomb.

But, “I am the resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25)

Tapa gives us a beautiful metaphor of the Resurrection.

A rose bloomed within the country and the town and the surrounding areas that eve, and it was a beautiful rose that bloomed, like unto those on a stem, but even more perfected in symbology.  For it was a red rose fragranced with sincerity, love, and devotion, but it could change at will into white that is purity, tinged with yellow- which is Deity.  And one man in his ignorance, and a multitude of those in ignorance, and the Pharisees who were being rejected because of his teachings, said these words” Lo, what good thing can come forth out of Nazareth (John 1:46), let alone what good thing save royalty can spring up and be in Judea”?

But it was a rose, a rose that at the end turned into a lily, the symbolically-given example of Resurrection.  For once its bulbous seed is placed within the warm and tended soil, and given the food for nourishment, and protected from the cold and from the heat, it will in each year, annually, come forth saying “I am the resurrection and the life, and I am white, and I am purity and upon my stamen and deep within the funnel of my being is the golden orange hue.” The orange of the saffron robe that Nicodemus had his sister weave for the great Teacher, Sananda Jesu Jesus.  A robe seamed like no other robe; not even the priests robes, for this robe of saffron color had only one opening for the head- the rest was draped about his body.  And the yellow upon the stamen of the lily, it is spirituality. It was born in the aura toward the end of He that fulfilled His mission. He became the Master of the globing and the Teacher in master-ship of peace and unconditional love.

Great Rabbi, Wise counselor, Teachers of teachers, Prince of Peace, this is the thing that came out of Nazareth as a rose.  And the Pharisees said “What good thing?  You are your own savior and your own redeemer, but by the example of Sananda Jesu Jesus’s life, you can be redeemed. He is the Good thing that came out of Nazareth!!!!

TaPa is the Heart of Alexandria. Sananda’s “Beloved John”, was one of his lifetimes and he has tarried here to teach Infinite Love.  What a gift that has been bestowed upon the world. I will end this session with Tapa’s infamous Pearls of Wisdom; “Love ye one another as I love you and all good things will come to you”.

Edited Session, The Glorified Body, March 31, 1972




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The Connection Between Tim & TaPa

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Portrait of TaPa

This painting is a portrait of Timothy Smith, Young trance-medium, with Spirit entity, TaPa, as the large transparent figure beside him. Instructions for the painting were given by him to the artist, Patti Hansen, through the voice-channel of the medium in trance. Timothy and Patti were told they had both been his children in the Egyptian incarnation.

The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.