The Golden Cup

 Man would go into camps of others and steal, rape, bum and kill and abandon and leave behind, taking the gold and melting it down as homage and making their idols, their teraphim from this. Joseph and in his time, he recognized teraphim.  There is a figure within your scriptural history who was overwrought with grief when the teraphim was not where it was supposed to be; when it was not packed in a moving situation; and made a comment to that effect as who had taken it for it must be returned.  The golden cup placed in a bag of grain in the parablicly given paralleling, symbolically, revelated stories, historically based in a man’s conquest.  The golden cup placed in a bag of grain to cause one to be recognized [Gen 44:12]; he that wore many colors as his coat [Gen 37:23]. Causing one and another to be brought near and nigh, was even a teraphim, in a way, for others utilized as the shape of plenty as now is given in symbol, the horn of plenty. They utilized not a horn in that day but a cup that ran over and the idol became a gold cup filled to the brim with wine and overflowed. This was their sacrament. This was their protection. This was their assuredness of having bounty and being fruitful and having their life run over with the blessings.   1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence

And remember ye this my children that seek discipleship and that have heard me call thrice:  1972 Vol 2 Walking in the Divine Presence