Mythology holds its merit for it is the best record of truth, though it be twisted and filled with superstition that man has, but beyond the record of mythological characters there were existent those beings that brought forth to the age of accountability those that would record mythology even. The gods came forth nigh and near unto the earth in the first period that we shall touch within, which was before the moon children came forth, which was in the time of Sirius transit dominance when Venus, during the great tribulation of planetary and solar orbital confusion, came into being, drew nigh unto the earth and fed forth to her the masters that were to assimilate themselves through co-creativity and establish themselves as the Hierarchy of the earth.


Upon Atlantis, the twin kings, one of positivity and one of negativity, adorned themselves and painted themselves also, particularly in the eyes, and the eyes and masks were utilized not only in dramatization portrayal but in actual wearing, just as did the Egyptian queen, Hatshepsut, wear an artificial beard so she would be called, or seen, or in herself believe that she would be seen as a king of Egypt rather than a queen. It is that through Egypt, then, and into other countries, also, came the adornment of the men before the adornment of the women and the painting of the men. Just as most of the male animals and male birds, for example and exemplification, have brighter plumage than do the female, so did man paint himself differently. Later the woman caught up with and then took prominence, and now it is considered in the opposite for a man to paint himself and a woman to go bare.


In the land of the moon children, the East, it is said that great dragons fought in the sky, that in and upon a dragon descended a fiery orb
and came manlike creatures with great wisdom to guide and direct them. ls this not true, Marcia?  It is recorded in India and in the history of Nepal similar events. In Egypt it was said that the Sun God crossed the heavens daily in a chariot. These gods–lsis, Osiris, Horus and others–must have had their origination in original form for them to be so deified. There could not be the deification of the Most High God were it not that he had intervened through emissaries and spoken to man and dealt with man to show man the power of the Most High God. There could not be belief in Spirit lest Spirit had intervened to show the power and love of Spirit. There could not be the Christian belief in Jesu Jesus Sananda, lest there had been such a man. Whether the belief be absolutely accurate or not, there had to be a basis for it.

TaPa Edited Session December 28, 1974

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The Connection Between Tim & TaPa

Discover the Illumination of TaPa

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Portrait of TaPa

This painting is a portrait of Timothy Smith, Young trance-medium, with Spirit entity, TaPa, as the large transparent figure beside him. Instructions for the painting were given by him to the artist, Patti Hansen, through the voice-channel of the medium in trance. Timothy and Patti were told they had both been his children in the Egyptian incarnation.

The Library of Alexandria was Ptolemy’s pride. This, the learning center of the ancient world, is shown under construction in the background with a standing symbolic witness figure.

It took approximately one year to receive directions and to complete the picture. TaPa’s face was painted in a unique three-day period (during the full moon because additional psychic energy was available). The features of the model appeared to change and the artist painted steadily the impressions she was receiving, also seen by other observers in the room.

The crown on the floor is the Egyptian war bonnet, never worn by Ptolemy II, who did not lead his men to war. He holds the flail and crook, symbols of a Pharaoh. At the bottom left of the painting is the Greek letter, Alpha, on the bottom right, Omega.

Many have said that healing vibrations are felt when sitting near this unusual picture.

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The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.