The Mysteries of Egypt

” … Egypt did not invent, Egypt did not in her own and of her own ingenuity comprise what
is known now as the Egyptian mysteries, they were inherited.”
Enoch was that that through many things or many nations, even, for nations
and parts of land mass that no longer exists, many of these were carried into
other lands and have been placed in hiding within tombs and the like to be
preserved until such time as it is ordained for man to have them truly. Yes, he
was chided by those that were said to be scholarly, who omitted his book that
should have come after the Genesis within a structural significance of your
biblical writings and/or contrivance to gather together books of so called
holiness within one volume. 1
But who was Enoch?2 Enoch was that that was given the greatest gift man
can be given above all other accomplishments. It is the reward that man is given
for true perseverance, diligence and service which is wisdom. The precious gift
of the Most High God handed to one when it is truly given in its fullest force by
a revelation of mystical ingivance.

For many times, ten thousand decades, there will be a combination, to a
certain extent, in the material. Enoch was a man of his people who traveled in
his great wisdom. In the land of Egypt he was Hermes.
We shall speak now of the molten seas which were the cups that he
described. Within your biblical scripture of I Kings, or as many allude to this,
First Kings, you will find a description of the molten sea. 4 Molten sea it was
called because it was as if it were made of gold, gave the reflection and the
semblance. It was in the temple as we described. The inner-lining of this basin
was lined with pure gold. When filled with water it would reflect the water as
being gold itself. There was enough water placed within it to comprise two
thousand baths. This will give you an idea or estimation for a gestimation. It
was said of this basin that those that dipped within it were purified, were made
pure and whole. Only the priests, only the highest of the initiates took
advantage of the opportunity. Solomon had near him another basin made
likened to the first, but different. The same principle, the designer of which had
received the same revelation as had the first constructor, engineer, designer, and
revelator that brought into existence the first basin. There were again twelve
oxen, twelve bulls, that held the basin. 5 This was not gilded on the inside, but
more decorative upon the outside. And the water within it was said to purify
those that submerged within it. Its appearance was more of a glass nature and it
was called the glassy sea, not the 1nolten sea.

Long before Atlantis was even settled, as it began with early shepherds and
those that went there for reasons beyond their knowledge, it was known as many
things of society, of religion, of knowledge from the Mother Continent,
Lothmeria. Upon Lothmeria was it that the original text of the Book of One was
given and many other holy writings, even as those that will be given again unto
Enoch and Hermes. And when the tiine came that the cause of the negativity
with the earth changes, disassociations, and with the actual seeing of the
factuality that the land mass was changing, many left. But many were actually
reaching out for their own demise in so leaving.

For within the waters that were most dangerous and tragic in that day that surrounded
Lothmeria, many were lost. Only a few of those who left first before the tempestuousness of the sea
reached a point, the water turning and boiling even as I have described to you

Edited TaPa Session, September 17, 1972