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Deep Trance Medium

Over the years many people have asked me to relate something of the steps which have led me into the work I am now doing.  This, however, will not be a very complete account.  There are unwritten laws of silence and reticence on many aspects of the Master-disciple relationship, and thus, as others who have come before me and will follow, we are pledged to silence on certain work for and with Spirit.  But for whatever best possible effect it may have, and in the hope that it may help and make more real and believable the fact of the Masters and their profound and most beautiful wisdom, I set down the following:

His Life of Spiritual Consciousness

As a small child one of my favorite pastimes was closing my eyes, relaxing my body and mind and listen quietly.  I equate this meditation-like state to watching wind, not the effect of the wind on the leaves and trees or the soul of the wind, but the wind itself.  Actually, I was attuning to emanations and vibrations unseen and unnoticed by most.  This is said to happen with a relatively large number of sensitive children, but my ability to perceive these has far outlasted my childhood.  In school we were taught that the air and the wind were invisible, yet unlike the other children I perceived more.  I do not remember whether it was sudden or gradual, my ability to see and work with what, of course, was many levels of etheric planing of matter, but it did increase.

Above the dense physical world in which we live – solid, liquid, and gaseous – are four planes of still finer matter or energies which constitute the etheric envelope of this planet, and of which the physical planes of denseness are a precipitation.  However it would not be until some years later through the teachings of TaPa, my spiritual Master-Teacher, that I again became aware of this truly vast moving ocean of energy of which we all are a facet, and prove to myself and countless others conclusively, the existence of the etheric planes and higher states of Spiritual Consciousness.

I found myself coming into a true sense of identity with the whole phenomenal world – the sky, the earth itself, the trees and the people, the clouds and the birds who fly through them – I saw them as a part of myself.

At about the age of fourteen I began to read in earnest … hoping to come to some understanding of right spiritual action and, oh yes, myself and my purpose.  Among many authors I have read as the years of my twenties fell away, the great Theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky, C.W. Leadbeater, the Alice Bailey teachings, Manley P. Hall, Edgar Cayce, Yogananda, among many others, all I suspect had chosen the path of self-knowledge through contemplation of the question:  “Who am I?”  I found myself coming into a true sense of identity with the whole phenomenal world – the sky, the earth itself, the trees and the people, the clouds and the birds who fly through them – I saw them as a part of myself.  In my experiences I seemed sometimes to disappear as a separate entity, but retained an individual consciousness, yet a consciousness expanded to include all things.  I began also to see our phenomenal world as a kind of ritual-in-progress, a ritualized shadow-play acting out a desire or dream of that which alone has existed, which alone was real and true, which alone was also … myself.

Still in my teens, I began to investigate and work with many groups, societies, foundations, fellowships associated with psychic phenomena and spiritual communications.  With groups like these who had heard about my gift of mediumship, I did my first public speaking and trance demonstrations.  But more importantly, I discovered my ability to transmit and receive spiritual energies which became a major part of my work.  I also found I could heal because Spirit works through my vessel.  Though amazed somewhat, I was nevertheless openly blessed.

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The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.