The Works of Timothy L. Smith


Medium, Messenger and Mentor

Toward the end of 1970, I withdrew from these so-called societies and started my own organization, The Alexandrian Institute,  and entered into the closest and most intense contact with my Guide and Teacher, TaPa.  The full nature of this work, I am afraid even at present, I may not reveal.

For years and years TaPa and I have worked together telepathically in telepathic terms for ten hours a day … prayer that did not cease, strengthening the telepathic link until it operated with ease, requiring the minimum of TaPa’s attention and energy.  On some occasions he would actually appear to me.  He forged in this period of my development an instrument through whom to work, and one sensitive enough to be responsive to his slightest impression, of course with my complete and total co-operation – and might I say also, without the slightest infringement of my free will.  I believe that everything I see and hear, TaPa sees and hears.  It is said that on occasion a look from me can be a look from TaPa.  The touch of my hand also TaPa’s hand.

With the minimum expenditure of energy, TaPa has a window or windows on the world – an outpost of his consciousness from which he heals and teaches.  I am not suggesting that I am his only “window on the world,” for I know I am not.  I do not know how rare a communication like this really is, but I am sure that history says it is not unique.  Introduction to TaPa and his teachings constitutes a definite stage in the Master-disciple relationship, one where the Light is turned on.  Let me say that TaPa is one of the senior members of the earth’s Hierarchy, a Master of Wisdom and Love, whose true identity and name is very well known to esotericists of the West.  His understanding, inspiration, and infinite love has forever heightened the conceptual power and intensity of the spoken and written word.

TaPa is one who has never left this world and who has descended from his ancient retreat of many lifetimes.  If people can accept the possibility of TaPa’s identity, then the claim that communications are received here at the Alexandria Institute from a high and more knowledgeable being would also perhaps be more acceptable.  In any case, my friend, I leave you to a study of the quality of the messages themselves to convince or otherwise.

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The Teaching Style of Tapa

TaPa’s teaching and speaking technique includes many ideas overlaid in long, run-on sentences that on the surface may seem confusing, but this is only one of his methods of training the mind to alternative considerations leading to a deeper spiritual understanding – getting away from traditional linear thought and chop logic perception, not to mention the usual practice of dictatorial instruction.  He wants us to arrive at our own perception by our own mental and spiritual processes that are truly ours.